Autumn's Harvest Farm  Tim Haws owns and operates this family friendly farm located in Romulus, NY. Everyone on the farm pride themselves on being caretakers of creation who shy away from the practices followed by factory confinement farms. Visitors are always welcome. In addition to pastured pork and free-range chickens, Tim raises amazing Murray Grey beef. All of his cattle are raised on pasture and are Animal Welfare Approved grass-fed beef. Eating grass, legumes and herbs is the natural way for cattle. Raising cattle on pasture creates a truly superior eating experience. Murray Greys are docile, easy to handle and have superior maternal instincts. Their meat is tender and well marbled. In 2008 at the Midland Bull test a Murray Grey bull scored a perfect 10 on the genetic test for marbling and a perfect 9 on the genetic test for tenderness. No bull of any breed has ever performed so well

John Fazio Farms is in Modena, New York. The farm is run by, you guessed it, John Fazio, who raises chickens (Cornish cross), ducks (Normandy cross), and rabbits.  The animals are free-range and are never fed any hormones or antibiotics. Fazio Farm also provides us with amazing farm fresh eggs and cheeses. The animals are processed within days of the delivery so the meat is always extremely fresh and never frozen. John also operates a barbeque and farm stand down the road from his farm – it’s a great place to take the family.

Sir William is a pasture livestock farm in Craryville, NY. Bruce Conover has been farming for 31 years and is part of the fourth generation in the livestock breeding business. His father was instrumental in the development of the Berkshire breed of pig. Bruce moved from Iowa in 1970 and started farming the pastures and land that would eventually become Sir William. With his tireless work ethic, decades of experience, respect for the animals he raises, and the richness of the land he farms it is truly our pleasure to have the opportunity to work with him. Bruce specializes in 100% pasture raised, grass fed, heritage breed beef, pork, and lamb. He never administers hormones or preventative antibiotics. His hogs are mainly Berkshire and his cattle are mainly Angus, but he also raises crosses of other breeds. He grows his own hay on the farm.

Meili Farm, located in Amenia, NY, and is run by Craig & Sophie Meili. Their Tamworth-Berkshire hogs are fed farm-milled feed, vegetables, hay, and whey from two cheesemakers local to Amenia. The Meili’s grow and harvest their own non-GMO feed on their farm. Their animals receive no growth hormones or antibiotics. They do not ear-notch piglets for identification, administer routine immunizations, dock tails, or practice artificial breeding methods. In the words of the Meili’s, they are “free to indulge their natural instincts.

Kinderhook Farm is located in Ghent, NY on over 1,000 acres of rolling hay meadows and pastures. Lee and Georgia Ranney raise their beef cattle and sheep on a 100% grass and legume diet that includes no grain, antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products. In addition to beef and lamb, they raise pastured chickens and gather eggs from their pastured laying hens. They’ve recently added heritage breed pigs and an apiary to the farm. The animals live out on the pastures of their farm, grazing the forages growing in the fields. During the summer hay is harvested and fed to the cattle and sheep in the winter. The animal wastes return to the land and become nutrients for the next grass cycle.