Matt Campbell

Matt Campbell, proprietor and driving force behind Campbell Meats, brings a unique skill set perfected over his diverse career in the culinary industry. He has worked in highly regarded New York City restaurants – Craft (Sous Chef), Spigolo (Chef de Cuisine), The Marrow (Chef de Cuisine) and most recently Chevalier (Chef Charcutier). He has also worked at two of New York’s foremost whole-animal butcher shops – Marlow and Daughters and Harlem Shambles. As a butcher, Mr. Campbell has learned the art of how to most efficiently breakdown and utilize whole beef, pork, ruminants and poultry. This is of utmost importance to fully honor the life of the animal and the work of the farmer. He believes strongly that it is the highest calling of the butcher to ensure that every ounce of the animal is put to use. This is achieved through careful fabrication with minimal waste and by introducing the retail consumer to unfamiliar cuts and providing them with the know-how to prepare them properly. His skill as a Charcutier is of equal importance, serving as the last line of defense against waste. He can turn the most intimidating bits and pieces into beautiful and delicious pates, terrines and sausages. Matt and his wife Kristie, a highly regarded sommelier and wine consultant ( ) recently moved from Manhattan to Westchester County and began a new chapter in their lives and to raise their son, Adrian. They believe the Hudson Valley has the potential to be to New York what Napa Valley is to San Francisco. He believes it’s abundance of exceptional farms, great new restaurants, and a growing population of food conscious, ethical consumers make this region the perfect home for Campbell Meats.

Paul Giangola

Graduated from the International Culinary Center’s farm-to-table program in 2013 with a specific interest in sustainable agriculture. After graduation, he worked as a line cook and private chef in the Tri-State area. He came to Campbell Meats to learn the craft of whole animal butchery and enjoys passing that knowledge onto customers. Paul asks that you do not mention red meat, saturated fat, or cholesterol in a negative context unless you are prepared for debate.

Hugo Alvarez

He is the local guide for the Campbell Meats team. While growing up in Irvington he worked for Best of Westchester winning caterers and restaurants, instilling a passion for food that continued through his years at Beloit College. Now Hugo has quickly risen thru the ranks at CM, claiming the titles of retail associate, activities manager, as well as IT director. In the off-hours, he enjoys rum based cocktails, painting, and roleplaying games.